Honesty and Fear

I feel as though I haven’t been entirely honest about my recovery and it bothers me, which is a bit odd because all of us choose what information, we share about ourselves, particularly when it comes to something personal and scary like a health crisis.

The moment I decided to write a blog about my first brain surgery, I opened the door and invited friends, family and even strangers into my home, life and mind. That’s the thing about blogging, when your topic is your own health and some crises you’re facing, the writing is naturally going to be personal or it won’t be worth reading for anyone; I certainly found it was the only way I could write, exposing the truth be that good or bad.

This time around, I haven’t had the courage or perhaps that’s being a bit hard on myself – I honestly don’t know if my inability (or unwillingness) to write and share what I’ve been living is because I’m afraid to sound weak in front of people who have come to expect bravery of me or if the lack of words stems indeed from changes in my brain resulting from this last surgery.

6 thoughts on “Honesty and Fear

  1. Veraina – you are courageous when you put yourself and your words out into cyberspace! Whether you write about the positive aspects of your recovery, or the bloody hard challenges, you’re courageous. I don’t think for a moment that it’s all been smooth sailing – there’s possibly been times when you’ve been scared out of your wits and want to chuck it all in. And when we share the doubts, fears, insecurities and heartbreaks- well, that’s brave too. Much love, xx

  2. Dear Veraina, I think it is perfectly normal and natural to hold things back even when you’ve sworn to be open etc. We all do it, consciously or unconsciously. I’m sure you are not self-censoring because of lack of words due to brain injury or “editing” because you lack courage. Far from it! And your blog is not boring at all exactly because you take care writing and this is good. So relax. Stop beating up on yourself as the Americans say. Claire xx

  3. Please don’t be too hard on yourself – every journey is different ((((😘❤)))) Deep breath – you are amazing – if you write about strength or weakness and if you have the words or not …… Give yourself time ….. Inge



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