Lessons From My Akubra

Heading outside laundry basket under one arm I realise how hot it is.  I retreat back to the house and pick up my trusty Akubra.  Slipping it upon my head, it catches painfully on the screw in my forehead.  A moment of disappointment ensues, “I can’t wear my favourite bush hat thanks to these stupid screws!”  I pull it off and ponder.  Eventually remembering I have removable padding wedged into the band to help it fit, I remove it and try again.  Perfect.  No catching, it simply slides into place without discomfort.  That’s when it occurs to me that my scar has caused no discomfit with the donning of my hat, no pain at all.  It would seem that at three and a half months post-op, my scar has lost a good deal of its sensitivity to touch.  Uplifted and excited I head to the phone.  With such information, I simply cannot wait.  I call and the phone is answered, I blurt out my name and that I would like to book to have my hair cut and coloured.  I mean, come on, it’s been three and a half months since I had it done!

V & Her Akubra

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