Rehab Challenge Four

After recently experiencing crossing a busy road in town and the joys of navigating pedestrians, cyclists and cars, one-eyed and with a sluggish brain, I was going to make this challenge something like:

Take earphones, plug them into your ipod or phone. Go to a road that has some road traffic and perhaps a bike lane as well. Select music to listen to. Turn the volume up to a point where the sound is very distracting. Close one eye and keep it closed.  Cross the road.

But, that seemed mean. So I wont suggest anyone does it. Do you hear me? If anyone gets hurt trying that, I’ll be the first to come kick your arse.

I decided instead to go with the following.

Find a sock, preferably clean or an oven mitt. Put sock or mitt over one hand. Don’t move or use the rest of your arm. Now proceed with your everyday activities using only your non-sock hand. If using an oven mitt, you may need to tape it in order to keep it on.    By doing this you will be experiencing life similar to someone who has lost function in a limb and hand. See how long you can manage using only one hand and arm and think about what it must be like to live like that, let alone participate in rehab.


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