Gift of Superpowers

Last week a small, flat parcel arrived at the house.  It had my name on it and being a lover of parcels, I tore into it excitedly.  Inside was a note from my friend, Miss A and a gift, a gift I could never have imagined receiving – my very own super-hero cape.  The note explained how my friend has been making capes for sick kids.  A worthwhile program supporting kids as they go through treatment and recovery from illness or injury.  I’d never heard of it but think it is a lovely idea.  My dear friend thought that having my own cape might help me remember that I “am strong, brave, committed, patient, mindful and loveable.”  I started to cry just now whilst reading that again. The idea of the cape is to remind those of us wearing them, that we are more than our illness or injury and are strong enough to win through the pain to recovery.  What a marvelous gift!

I had to put it on straight away. Pulling it free of its wrappings, I laughed delightedly, seeing it was a beautiful purple (my favourite colour) and had an enormous ‘V’ stitched onto the back.  Putting it around my neck, my hands shook with excitement as I secured the velcro clasp at my throat. Infused by laughter and excitement, I began to twirl around, getting air beneath the cape, lifting it into the air, I ran (or rather slid upon the tiles in my socks) around the house, my mum looking on with amusement and concern.  My spirits were lifted so, that it indeed, seemed to have tapped super powers within me.

Super V's New Cape

Later that day, when Jason arrived home from work, I disappeared into the corridor hurriedly pulling the cape around my shoulders as my mum told him there was something I wanted to show him. Peeking around the corner to be sure he was watching, I leapt into the dining room and took off running around the table with my back towards him, so he could see the whole cape, then took off into the lounge room with my arms extended in mock super hero flight, followed by his joking suggestion that I was an idiot. As I turned, I told him he was jealous and ran as fast as I could manage back to the dining room, holding the cape out as I ‘flew’ around the table and out of the room, having generated enough speed and air flow to hold the cape out, trailing in the wind as I disappeared from view.

Jase was suitably amused by the performance and told me as I returned, panting from the exertion; I should do that five times a day to build my fitness.  I’ve got a super powers cape, I think to myself, why do I need to exercise?

Super V

The cape is displayed proudly, on the back of a chair in the dining room and whenever my gaze falls upon it, I smile and think fondly of both my friend and the silliness wearing it, brings out in me.  It is a treasured possession now and I do wear it around the house, whenever I feel flat or particularly tired.  It makes me feel better.  Stronger.  Loved and supported.  Super!

Thanks Miss A xx

Thanks Miss A xx

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