Ode (Owed) To Mothers

My mum returned home yesterday after a ten day visit to help out.  Apart from needing a reprieve from Melbourne’s winter, I sensed mum needed to see me and how well Jason and I are managing.  That is not to say that having her here was not helpful, quite the contrary.

So, mum, thank you for:

Every dish washed and put away,

Every meal cooked and served or frozen,

Every cuppa made and shared,

Every conversation distracting me from my discomfort,

Every hug of reassurance,

Every joke and laugh shared.

Thanks for being the sous chef and stepping in when grand meal delusions overcame me.  (I’m sorry Jamie Oliver but your ‘15 minute meals’ still take me an hour.)

Thanks for bringing me so many wonderful supplies for card making and scrapbooking, despite their weight.  I’m glad your suitcase was lighter on the way home even with that full bottle of tequila wrapped in your raincoat.

It was marvelous to have someone nearby who understands the impact of dizziness, vertigo and the related symptoms and consequences.  It was great to have someone around who understands that if whilst walking, I let my hand trail outward periodically touching the wall or objects beside me, I am having a bad dizziness day and need to ensure I am not going to fall over or walk into anything.  Walls are very unforgiving, they insist on leaving bruises.

So while yes, we had you come stay to give you respite from a harsh winter down south, and to reassure you that I really am healing well, you still contributed a lot whilst here and we are grateful.

Thanks mum.

5 thoughts on “Ode (Owed) To Mothers

      • Thank you darling girl. I am now sitting here weeping into my wine. It was very reassuring to see how well you and Jason are managing despite the occasional onset of sudden pain. Needed to see for myself, even though I have watched as you fought your way out the other side of the effects of your stroke. Love you both.

      • Well, I did offer to buy you some, although given your constantly cold feet I still think purple Ugg boots are the way to go.

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