Tears of Fire

I was watching a touching story on TV this afternoon about a couple, running an animal sanctuary in Tasmania and how they rescue animals and care for them voluntarily, when the story turned to the terminal cancer diagnosis the woman had received.  It got pretty sad after that and I welled up.  As the first few tears fell to my cheeks, searing pain exploded in my right eye, the intensity, startling and severe enough to stop my crying, instantly.  It felt as though a piece of wire, glowing red from being heated was threaded into my tear duct and moved around behind my eye-ball.  Holy hell did it hurt!

I guess I should say that no, I’ve never been tortured by having super heated wire poked in my eye, but damn it, that’s the best way I can think to describe what I felt.

Something else to mention to the surgeon this week – unless anyone reading this is an eye doctor willing to throw out some free advice.  Just asking…

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