Oh my goodness.  I just had 30 minutes walking around the house without my eye patch!  It took 30 minutes for my eye lid to start drooping and my vision to go wonky (preceding double vision).  I am so very happy.  I hoped my vision would improve with time as the swelling reduced.  

I have been doing the exercises which have ceased being very challenging so I guess I have strengthened the eye muscles.  I have noticed I can read for longer periods without getting horribly dizzy or getting a head ache as well.   Over the past week I’ve been leaving the patch off for a short while each morning and night, to give the eyes the opportunity to work together, thus reducing the double vision.  Until today, the images were blurry like two images that are nearly converged into one but apart enough to cause the blurriness and dizziness.  

Today I had clear vision for a whole half an hour.

What a relief!

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