Sensory Overload

I discovered a great clip on sensory overload whilst reading another blogger’s experience of stroke.  She suffers from sensory overload, just as I did and still do to a lessor extent.  I simply had to share it!  I wish I had seen this shortly after my stroke, as it would have helped me better communicate my reality.  As it was, the best description I came up with was imagine you are watching TV and just doing that requires a lot of concentration, then imagine someone is yelling directly into your ear at the same time.  That is what it feels like to me when someone wants me to listen to what they are saying whilst there is a television or radio on or some other noise.  It’s impossible.

This clip from the UK Autism Society captures beautifully what sensory overload sounds and looks like to sufferers.  I had to look away and cover my ears a couple of times whilst watching it.

If you watch the clip, try imagining what going into a shopping centre or supermarket is like for anyone experiencing this condition.  Post stroke when I started going to the supermarket, when I looked at the shelves, all I saw was a mass of colours and I was unable to distinguish between products or brands.  It was exhausting.  Occasionally now, when I am particularly tired, I still have to ask Jason for assistance, as I can’t ‘see’ what I’m looking for.  I describe the product in general terms and poor Jase is left to see if he can find it based on my vague description.  I have to say though, he has become adept at this now.



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