Day 33 Post Op Observations

  • We’ve been home one week today.
  • Yesterday was the first day since surgery that I didn’t need to take a daytime nap!
  • Too much reading or any activity requiring prolonged focussed use of my eyes results in nausea and vomiting.
  • I have increased the length of my daily walk this week without difficulty.
  • It is much harder for me to get motivated to exercise when it is cold as opposed to when it is hot.
  • My sugar habit continues unabated.
  • My left arm is swinging slightly more when I walk but I still need to tell it to do so.  I do this silently, I add, for the benefit of anyone picturing me talking out loud to my arm as though it were an entity unto itself.
  • Jason continues to be remarkable in taking care of me, the house, the meals, all whilst working half days.
  • I like having dinner made for me.  Who knew?!
  • My use of pain medication has lessened a little.
  • My head and face continue to swell.
  • Most of the stitches have now come off.
  • I’ve learnt I need to exercise care when selecting clothing.  It’s important after brain surgery to choose tops with wide neck openings or that button up.  You don’t want to end up with a top that is too tight being stuck on your head as you attempt (weakly) to get it off, all the while whimpering in pain because it’s pressing on your scar.  Yes, that did happen!
  • Head torches are also out.  We had a power outage last night…

They say you learn a new thing every day.





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