Rehab Challenge One

I thought I would offer the opportunity for you to participate/support me in my rehabilitation efforts by sharing some of the exercises in my program.  It is my hope that you will have no difficulty attempting any of these for your self and will wonder what I am on about.  Trust me – these activities are challenging for me and require focus, patience and perseverance.  Should you find an exercise difficult, you may want to continue practicing it to improve you capabilities in that area.

Today’s rehab challenge is: Maintaining Balance With Eyes Closed

Find a safe space to stand in, with something nearby to grab hold of if you lose balance.  Stand on one leg for a count of 30, then swap legs and repeat.  Now do this again but with your eyes closed.  Make sure you have your balance prior to closing your eyes.

If you can do this without wobbling or losing your balance that’s great; if not you might get some balance benefit by practicing this each day for a while.

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