Morning…or rather Moaning

I wake.  My eyes remain closed. I am too comfortable in the warm cocoon of my bedding to want to stir.  Nonetheless there it is, my dependable companion, pain.  I think to myself perhaps it is a headache brought on from too long lounging in bed.  I move to a slightly more upright position; it worsens and the pain moves into my forehead and snakes its way around my head until it feels like a burning fallen halo that fits all too tightly.  I attempt gentle movement, stretching my neck in an effort to release muscles left stiff from my near comatose sleep.  Rather than reward for this effort, pain shoots downward to my cheekbone and radiates along it.  I sigh and reluctantly throw back the deliciously warm covers and emerge in pursuit of those colourful pills that will combat my assailant better than anything else I do.

3 thoughts on “Morning…or rather Moaning

  1. Moaning is allowed after major surgery. Take those painkillers! I think you have progressed wonderfully but its just going to take a while. Must be very nice to be home where you are in control of your day and not at the behest of hospital or hotel routines. Claire x

    • Absolutely, Claire, it is nice to be home and nice to be able to take the meds when I need them without having to buzz the nurse and wait for the qualified RN to get to me. Today is a better day thankfully.

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