Going Home

The flight has been booked by the Patient Travel mob in Alice Springs and we are going home tomorrow.  I know there may be some challenges travelling but we have been able to put good supports in place (good and kind friends) to help minimise those.  Jase will be wrangling three suitcases and a wobbly wife and I do not envy him.  I am still sensitive to light and noise so an airport is not the best place for my poor brain.  I have ear plugs and an eye mask in my bag as insurance against getting overwhelmed and if all that fails, well then, it’s up to the pain meds.

After a month in Adelaide, leaving feels like another small milestone.  Since leaving hospital 5 days ago, Jase and I have continued to work on my walking strength and coordination; my left arm still refuses to swing naturally in unison with my leg movements and I am still learning how to navigate with the absence of vision due to the patch I must wear over my right eye.  The hotel we are staying in has many different walking surfaces and angles which has meant a good walk here has served well as a rehabilitation exercise.  With one eye out of action, judging depth and changes in ground surfaces is incredibly hard but I need to practice to build my stability.  We have also used the swimming pool here to continue my hydrotherapy exercises.  Actually, to be honest I couldn’t use the pool because it is too deep, being up to my head but luckily the spa is large enough for me to use.  There are pros and cons to being little.

Anyway, we have focussed on my walking stability as I need to be able to make the walk from the airport drop off point and the check in counter.  The Patient Travel staff have requested assistance from Qantas, likely in the form of a wheel chair and help getting on and off the plane but I cannot access this assistance until we make it to the check in counter – somewhat late to my mind but better than nothing.  We noticed the other day when we had a walk outside that wearing an eye patch, moving slowly and looking frail didn’t stop people from bumping into or pushing past me with disturbing regularity.  The risk of someone unintentionally bumping into me and causing me to fall is something we have to consider.  This is part of the reason assistance has been requested and I think it will be enormously helpful.

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