It’s three weeks since my craniotomy and I escaped…um sorry…was discharged from hospital yesterday and finally joined Jason in his temporary home at the hotel.  It was a big day starting with a final assessment with the physio at 7.30am, which I did well enough at for them to let me go.  Getting out of hospital is a big milestone and signals the beginning of the next phase of my recovery.  Today hasn’t been the best day I have been incredibly tired and spent the bulk of the day on the couch snuggled under my dressing gown, only peeking out from this cocoon for pain meds and food.   Luckily, a dear friend has flown in from Melbourne and is staying at the same hotel for the weekend to help out or as I describe it to provide a boost of morale for Camp Skylight.  Having someone else here gives Jason some respite from having to do most thing for me.

I was a little ‘stoned’ this afternoon due to the morphine tablets kicking in with force (perhaps because I was already so very tired) and apparently was somewhat amusing when 4 fire trucks turned up in response to a building alarm, which turned out to be the hotel we are in.  I was quite excited to see so many fire men and crawled onto the window sill (it’s quite wide and not high for anyone who rolled their eyes while reading that) for a better view.    My friend dashed outside so we could snap a pic of her with the fire trucks in the background and as she playfully gripped the bars outside one of our windows, a fireman called out “Don’t let her in” much to our collective amusement. We found out later the alarm had been triggered by someone whom after cooking bacon and filling their room with smoke, opened their door,  introducing the smoke to the hall smoke detectors, thus triggering the alarm.  This is a heritage building hence the swift response of so many fire trucks.  After all this excitement however, I was quickly asleep on the couch again.

After enough rest, I managed a walk around the hotel and a drink at a quiet table at the hotel bar ( non-alcoholic for me) and it was lovely to do something so ‘normal’.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be a little stronger.



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