Nine Weeks

Today is nine weeks since I found out my brain aneurysm had grown and started my trip down this rabbit hole.  So much has happened in that time and I feel as though I have travelled far.  In an attempt to help me remember where I have been I began jotting a quick daily summary because though I am in hospital my days are deceptively busy, at least it feels like it to my poor ole brain!

Some of today’s highlights include: accidentally pulling out a wound stitch with my comb; enjoying a free hand massage; increasing the intensity of my rehab exercises (by the physio not me!); watching a group of brightly coloured parrots hang out on the balcony on the building next-door; revelling in a visit from a dear friend from Melbourne; assessment by an OT; starting yet another pain management drug; and taking my first unescorted walk from the gym to my room (all of 15 steps but woo-hoo all the same).  All in all a good day.

My world is quite small at the moment but with each day and some effort, it increases a little.  In the meantime, I will continue to try to find those moments that remind me of what it is I am working towards – freedom, independence, home and health.



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