I am quite excited.  Today I was finally assessed by the Rehabilitation Intake Officer and she agreed some rehab would be required, she then moved a few people about and got me a bed today.  The hospital I am in has its own rehab ward so I have just moved from one ward to another but it’s already showing huge potential as they assess how to ensure I will be strong and stable enough to go home.

I have a Rehabilitation Physician overseeing my care and a multidisciplinary rehab team to assess and develop a program for me.  The doctor has blown me away with his kind and thorough assessment and interest in not just my immediate needs but also looking at helping me better manage the legacy of my spinal injuries.  

I had two spinal injuries in my 20’s and early 30’s that left me in debilitating pain & some loss of function.  I was never offered rehab through either hospital where I had my surgeries and had to seek out options on my own.  Same again after a stroke six years ago, we had no health insurance for rehab so I didn’t get any and the hospital stroke unit was closed as it was Christmas holidays, so I was never assessed.  Some of my deficiencies were not diagnosed for over a year!

I have had to fight tooth and nail to get the help I did and I had to coordinate it all (from interstate).  

I now feel as though I’ve been granted some magical wish and may actually get the support I require and the opportunity to work holistically with a professional across each deficiency (or disability).  This could help set me onto an even stronger recovery path and I cannot wait to get started.

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