Something else from Jason

V has been struggling over the last 2 days with unmanaged pain and nausea. I’m sure she will write about it in more detail but one of the few things about being sick in hospital is that they have a vast array of methods to control pain, unfortunately we have been unable to effectively communicate  the source of the pain and nausea. Simply communicating about the issue had been ineffective but physical sickness has provoked a swift response. I left her today in much better shape than yesterday. I am hopeful tomorrow will bring some comfort for V.

The surgeon has indicated that the aneurism has a very thin wall and was glad to have operated. Given the site and rate of change in size I can only assume that she wouldn’t have survived the next 2 years.

With that in mind, I find comfort in that although she entered the operating room symptom free there is a strong benefit to the discomfort she is now experiencing.

2 thoughts on “Something else from Jason

  1. It is so very hard witnessing our loved ones in pain and there can be such a sense of helplessness when we can’t relieve it, or fix it for them. You are doing a great job of loving and supporting Veraina. All the best to you both xx

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