Laughter In The Face of Practicality

Warning – Organ Donation topic. May upset some readers – did you read that mother??

Was talking with a friend yesterday and I mentioned I was finalising the paper work to donate my brain to research in the event of my death – you know, when I’m 100.  I explained that due to having had a stoke and two brain aneurysms, the Brain Bank (seriously, that’s what it’s called) have said they are likely to keep my brain in tact, should they get it.  Apparently, most brains are sliced up and distributed to a number of researchers.  I commented that they probably would be interested to see the well worn pathways of my habitual errors.  My friend said they’d probably be interested to see the size of the area responsible for resilience.  We joked then, that part would probably still be pulsing even in its storage tank.  We thought this was very amusing.


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