Why The Skylight Project?

After investigations of a growing brain aneurysm, I need to have brain surgery to put a clip on it to prevent it from bleeding.  My Neurosurgeon has told me that due to its growth in the past year, irregular shape and location, this aneurysm has a higher likelihood of rupturing.  A rupture at its location, she says will be “catastrophic” for me and doctors don’t tend to exaggerate.  If it bleeds, I would suffer significant brain damage and might die.

Over the past week I have slowly been telling my closest friends and family, difficult conversations but important because I know my husband, Jason and I will need support.  During one of these conversations I began joking that I should get the doctor to replace the section of skull they cut out with a clear panel and charge people for a peek at the workings of the human brain.  Gallows humour, I know, but us Australians are like that.

Whilst laughing at this absurd idea, my friend chimed in with “just like a sky light!” Hence a blog is born.

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